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Print Quality

Staccato is our standard at News Tribune

Creo Staccato® produces high-fidelity, artifact-free images that exhibit fine detail, without halftone rosettes, screening moiré, gray level limitations or abrupt jumps in tone – all without impacting RIPing or rendering time. Typical commercial printers use a screen frequency of 150 to 175 lines per inch. News Tribunes’ Staccato implementation resolves images and page elements to 20 microns – roughly equivalent to a conventional 340 line screen. But that’s not where it ends. Staccato improves color and halftone stability on press, making it a perfect complement to consistent high quality sheet fed printing on a web press. When imaged with consistency and accuracy of Creo’s SQUAREspot® thermal imaging, Staccato screening delivers unmatched quality to proof and plate, making high fidelity screening a practical tool for News Tribunes’ pressroom.”[Stochastic screening] is what our clients think printing should be,” observes Byron Pittman, News Tribune pre-press and plating technician. “Printing with the technology will be ideal for the continuous-tone look needed in high-profile printing pieces, but it is also raising the standard for all printing needs. Our clients will be getting a better product for the same price.”

plate room commercial printing facilityComputer-To-Plate.

News Tribune uses the Kodak Trendsetter, computer to plate. The KODAK Creo Trendsetter® is the flagship platesetter of the printing industry. Imaging exclusively to thermal plates your design options are expansive. Thermal laser imaging and KODAK SQUAREspot technology provide the ultimate in image quality and consistency, resulting in the finest resolution to plate available.

Creo Staccato.

News Tribune employs Creo Staccato® imaging technology – also known as stochastic printing or FM screening – as the standard output method for all our proofing and plating devices. Staccato yields deeper reds, brighter blues, and vibrant yellows, free of banding or moirés. Greater image fidelity is achieved with open shadows and finer detail, so images appear closer to continuous tone photographs. The remarkable resolution provided by Staccato enhances textures and increases tonal range without image alteration. Color builds or blends are screen-free and smooth. Logos and graphic elements appear as crisp vector images. News Tribunes marriage of Staccato print with Man Roland precise registration is a printers dream come true! At no additional cost, Staccato provides incredible value for our customers.

Primary 4.0

Chosen as a BETA Test Site for KODAK, the News Tribune is ahead of the market using Version 4.0 of the successful Prinergy® workflow system from Creo is the most significant upgrade ever. Prinergy 4.0 features major improvements in automation. What it means to you the customer, is the newest technology and highest quality.

great employeesExperience.

News Tribune employees draw from a combined lithographic knowledge base of over 1000 years and the production of countless outstanding projects. With that level of experience we can engineer and produce projects within the tightest deadlines while meeting the highest quality standards.

Our Vision.

We combine the finest talent and craftsmanship with the latest in technology to provide superior printed products of outstanding value through cohesive teamwork, engineering and innovation. As proud members of the News Tribune team, our goal is to instill confidence and exceed expectations every step of the way, ensuring that each project flows through our shop smoothly – because ultimately, it’s about you.

Print Quality